In December Beth Jakubanis was interviewed by Us Weekly about the Guidice family and the impact that the parent’s jail time may have on their children. Here is what she said…


us weekly dec 2014
December 15 2014

Helping the Kids Cope

Teresa has avoided going into detail with the girls about her life behind bars. Instead, says a source, she is focusing on prison as a place to learn and “talks about how Mommy is going to miss them so much.” Smart thinking, explains Beth Jakubanis, clinical director of SoCal Child Therapy in L.A.’s Tarzana. “She’s taking the fear out of it,” Jakubanis tells Us, “by using kid-friendly language like, ‘Mom’s going to be taking a time-out.'” It can also be a teaching moment. Adds Jakubanis, “Kids learn when you do something you’re not supposed to, there are consequences.”

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