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Beth Jakubanis, LCSW, President

Beth Jakubanis
Beth is a children’s therapist who provides counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, parenting classes, parenting support, parenting advice and parenting tips to children and families in Los Angeles with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Grief or Bereavement, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Gender Variance.

After a career in the entertainment and advertising fields, Beth entered the helping professions in 2001 as an elementary school teacher. She brings the experience gained in the classroom into the therapeutic relationship to help parents understand their children on a deeper level.

Beth obtained her Master’s degree in Social Welfare when she realized that she was called to make a deeper and more lasting impact on the lives of the families she was serving by helping them with the emotional struggles that were keeping the children from learning in her classroom. While at UCLA Beth worked as a research assistant for Dr. Todd Franke, studying the effectiveness of the school based intervention Parent in Control.

After graduating from UCLA Beth received her clinical training from the Child and Family Guidance Center in Northridge. While there she offered individual, family, group, school based, and day treatment services families with a variety of needs. She received specialized training in research informed models of family therapy, parenting, substance abuse and trauma recovery models. She also worked with LGBTQ and gender variant youth and their families.

Beth currently works in Woodland Hills group private practice which she founded. She focuses her work on helping parents understand their children better and become the parent they know that they can be through parenting classes, family and individual therapy. Beth has authored a chapter in the MCAT review guide for Barron’s educational publishing on psychology to help future medical students get into medical school. Beth is also a professor at CSU Northridge, proudly teaching and mentoring the next generation of therapists, teachers and social activists to make a positive difference in the world.

Ami Patel, LMFT

Ami Patel
Ami is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who provides school counseling, psychotherapy and parent education to children and families in the Los Angeles area. Her clinical experience includes counseling children and adolescents ranging from issues surrounding depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, Spectrum disorders and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Upon completing her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Ami began her professional counseling experience in a variety of settings, including school based services, outpatient therapy centers, residential treatment centers and rehabilitation centers. Through these experiences, she has been able to practice evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has helped to enhance her expertise in working with “at-risk” populations.

Since 2012, Ami has held a position as a Non Public School Clinician at Vista Del Mar, where she provides individual and group therapy services to children and young adolescents, to assist them in developing skills to improve upon their self-esteem and overall well-being. In addition to helping these individuals, Ami also believes in working collaboratively and therefore provides additional support and psycho-education to parents and other family members. With these clinical experiences in the field, she has had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how child development impacts an individual’s ability to thrive.

Shawn LaRe’Brinkley, MS, LMFT

Shawn LaRé Brinkley is an energetic spirit who is most often described as a “people” person. Shawn LaRe’ is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, earning her Master’s Degree at the University of Phoenix, Woodland Hills Campus. She has an extensive background working with survivors of trauma and in 2015 she completed an Advanced Post Graduate Certificate/Degree in the Psychology of Conflict and Non-conflict Trauma from Antioch University, Los Angeles Campus. Shawn LaRé enjoys using non-traditional trauma-informed means of healing in her work, such as music, art, mindfulness, laughter yoga, rewiring the brain to change behavior, and breath work for healing.

She enjoys working with children and adolescents offering various modalities of therapeutic services designed to assist parents with communicating with their children, understanding their needs, identifying their currency, and helping to motivate them toward change. Her specialties in working with the younger population include, attachment issues, trauma, communication, developmental delays, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. In addition, Shawn LaRé’s work in trauma includes working with victims of violent crime and homicide through Victims of Crime, providing services for those who have lost loved ones to murder, drunk drivers, suicide, or who have, themselves experienced a violent crime including rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

Dedicated to helping the under-served, Ms. Brinkley is an advocate for survivors of Human Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and works with this population from a holistic perspective to help promote healing and restoration through therapy and wellness-based coaching. An eclectic clinician, Shawn LaRe’ is well-versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Anger Reduction Therapy (ART); and other strengths-based modalities of treatment. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and also believes in the value of group work.

Brett Johnson AMFT

Brett is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a passion for helping teens and young adults who are struggling with new or chronic issues that are preventing them from achieving their potential in life, academics, relationships, or careers. Brett enjoys partnering with young adults to help them discover or get to with the things that make them feel motivated, happy, and fulfilled. Brett loves to see his clients get excited about making positive changes in their lives and he appreciates the opportunity to support them through that process.

One of Brett’s talents is helping clients discover how to change their lives for the better by guiding clients through challenging personal problems and by helping clients recover from difficult life experiences. He successfully helps clients bring out their best in order to create positive, lasting change in their lives. Brett’s motivation and commitment to helping his clients comes from his deep compassion and resolve to help those who are experiencing a challenging time in their life.

Brett has received specific education and training designed for the counseling needs of teens and young adults. Before joining SoCal Therapy Center, Brett worked with young adults in community mental health agencies and school systems in Palo Alto and Los Angeles. In addition to the work he performs at SoCal Therapy Center, Brett also works at a leading in-patient residential treatment center for teens and young adults in Woodland Hills. Brett received a Bachelor’s of Arts & Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University in the Bay Area.

Brett lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and twin boys. He is happy to call the Valley his home and is proud to serve the community as a therapist. He is committed to providing the highest quality mental health services. In his free time, Brett enjoys spending time with his children, running, hiking, and relaxing at the beach.

Delia Lopez, AMFT

Delia is a marriage and family therapy associate who received a Master’s of science degree in counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Cal State University Northridge. Delia has extensive experience in working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, neglect, physical abuse, domestic violence, and parental divorce/separation. She has provided therapy services to at risk populations in the San Fernando Valley area for six years.

Upon completing her Master’s degree, Delia began her counseling experience in a variety of settings, including intensive outpatient services, outpatient therapy centers, nonprofit agencies and school-based mental health services for several of our local school districts.

Delia is bilingual and fluent in Spanish which has afforded her the opportunity to work closely with the Latino and Hispanic populations by providing therapy, parenting therapy, immigration evaluations, and psycho-education services.

All of these experiences have allowed her to apply Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Solution Focus therapy, Trauma Focused CBT and Narrative therapy. Her clinical experience includes counseling children and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, psychotic disorders, reactive attachment disorders, ADHD, and anger management.

Delia thrives on connecting with children and their families and has a unique ability in bonding effortlessly with them and in doing so providing a safe space for them to begin the healing process.

Shira Makler, LMFT


Shira is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in work with teen-agers and adults. Shira graduated with her Masters degree from California State University Northridge in 2010.

Shira discovered her passion for the therapy profession during her undergraduate internship at the University of California Davis where she worked with children who experienced physical and sexual abuse.

Shira has completed trainings in both domestic violence and sexual assault and has spent the majority of her clinical career working with trauma survivors.  Shira has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department as an advocate for domestic violence victims providing on scene crisis intervention. In addition, she has worked as a therapist in a domestic violence shelter and in an outpatient setting.  Shira loves helping clients make the change from victim to survivor and regain control over their lives.

Shira has also worked with probation youth and in a community clinic setting. She has worked with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, and family stress.

Shira is dedicated to helping her clients manage life stressors in a healthy way.

Young Kim, LCSW

Young Kim, LMFT

Young Kim is a licensed therapist who has been working with clients for 10 years. Young has specialities in working with teens, young adults, moms, the elderly and Koreans. Young is passionate about helping moms struggling with depression and understands the unique stresses that moms often struggle with. She enjoys working with teens through parent conflicts and guiding young adults transitioning to college and adulthood. She partners with families who care for elderly parents by assisting them through the aging process that often includes mental health issues (i.e., depression) or a medical condition (i.e., Alzheimer’s Disease). She is an advocate for Asian Americans having a hard time dealing with acculturation issues.

Young knew very early on that she wanted to work in a helping profession. She graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Masters degree in Social Work with honors and distinction. In the Master of Social Work program, Young’s concentration was in children, youth and families. She has clinical experiences working in a variety of settings which include working on a women’s unit at Metropolitan State Hospital, on a Behavioral Health Unit at Riverside County Inpatient Treatment Facility and working at various community healthcare systems. In addition to working at SoCal Therapy Center, Inc. she currently works in Behavioral Health Services serving adolescent, adult and geriatric clients at one of the top five largest health systems in the United States.

Young enjoys providing individual, group and family therapies. She works from a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach (CBT) when providing individual counseling to adolescents (ages 13+) and adults of all ages who are suffering from various conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and self harming behaviors. Young helps her clients increase their awareness and strengths when dealing with challenging mental health issues and stressors. She does this by promoting changes in unhealthy thinking, behavioral patterns and attitudes that can prevent clients from living their best life. Young believes that clients can be empowered to live optimally if taught awareness and problem-solving skills. She also enjoys working from a family system approach when it comes to counseling teens and their families. Young focuses on solution based modalities while partnering with families in the areas of parent and child conflicts, behavioral issues, unhealthy communication and parent education/training. Young has helped and given hope to many clients and their families.

Young is a passionate advocate when it comes to providing culturally sensitive mental health services in the Asian American community. She understands the stigma of mental health services to Asian Americans and wants to bridge this gap. Young helps clients break down cultural barriers such as feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment and isolation which can prevent Asian Americans from seeking help. She also understands that cultural conflicts can increase mental stress as well. She is active in community outreach providing mental illness awareness and education. Young has completed research on therapy and acculturation issues in the Korean community and speaks on topics related to mental health to local Korean organizations in the community.

Call now for a therapy appointment if you or your child need therapy, counseling, parenting advice, parenting classes and support or psychotherapy for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Grief or Bereavement, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Gender Variance.