Teach your child to manage their emotions.

Emotion regulation is arguably one of the most important things a child can learn. During a tantrum we become acutely aware that they need help managing their feelings. But how, specifically can a parent teach a child to manage their feelings?

Name the feeling. Put the word to the feelings so that they can recognize a feeling when it occurs.

Praise them when they talk about their feelings.

Provide physical and emotional comfort when they are upset: hugs, hand holding, and kisses are important to teaching children to soothe themselves. When parents are upset or frustrated with them, this becomes doubly important because the child will sense those feelings and have a more difficult time in calming themselves.

Praise them again when they have successfully calmed themselves.

Reassure them that you love them. Adults assume that children know they are loved, but this is not a given from the child’s point of view. Letting them know that they aren’t able to rupture their bond with you, even when you are upset, is one of the most powerful things that we can teach them.